Aboriginal Australia is the theme of this attractive web site.

The owner is a freelance film producer and photographer who focuses his work on Indigenous Australia.

What's great about this client is that he gives back to the communities he works with.

The films and posters created by Sandtraks are designed to be both learning aids for students, and as well as generally interesting and informative. Specific packages are available to schools.

The site is set up to sell both retail and wholesale and includes a "matrix" display to show prices for products with multiple price based options that are designed for retail and tourist outlets.

Internet marketing has just commenced for the term "Aboriginal Australia". Sandtraks also specilalises in resources for Aboriginal studies and Aboriginal Australia resources.

The entire site is administered through a custom CMS (content management system) so the owner of the business has full control over the content of the web site.



Internet Marketing

Target Keyword: Aboriginal Australia
Commenced: Jan 2008
Currently: (Jan 2008)
#1,#11 Freelance Film Services (google.com.au, .com)

Development included:

  • Matrix display for "parent/child" products
  • Randomized feature products
  • Content Management System
  • Powerful Internet Marketing

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