At Weblife we understand that internet marketing is the key to your web site's success.

Internet Marketing (known by many as SEO) is the lynchpin to any successful commercial website. Weblife websites succeed because they gain high rankings.  Weblife is one of the few all round web development teams in Australia, providing design, programming, advice AND internet marketing service, and we are leaders in all these fields.

Search engine marketing is a tricky business – do too much and you get penalized.  Do too little and you get overlooked.  At Weblife, we understand the right mix of techniques to use and how to apply them effectively. 

Google is the world’s most used search engine, so we ensure our search engine techniques are geared towards it.  That said, we follow principles that all major search engines place value on, the usual result ultimately is very similar results across ALL major search engines (MSN, Yahoo etc…).

Our sites are all optmised for search engines by default – creating a clean and easily spidered code base in order to open up all pages to search engines.  This is what is known as SEO (search engine optimization). This is inherent in everything we do.

Internet marketing is the process of making your site seem important to the search engines – getting them to see your website as an authority on your subject is the key to this.

Internet marketing (as opposed to Search Engine Optimisation) comprises of a series of tools and techniques that we employ in just the right balance to convince the search engines that your site is important enough to place in the top 10.  Internet marketing threads a fine line - do either too much or too little and you will be penalised by Google.  We know the right balance to get the best result for your site.

Some examples of our current internet marketing success stories include:

• - #1 Google for Motivational Speaker, #1 Inspirational Speaker
• - #2 Google for  Giftware, , #1 Wholesale Giftware
• - #1 Google Shell Jewelry
•  - #1 for Gardening, #6 worldwide
• - #6 Google for  Jewellery, #2 Jewellery Australia
• - #3 Google for Yoga Retreats
• – #1 Google for Horse Shows
• - #1 Google for Baby Carrier
• - #1 Google for Nappies
•  - #2 Google for Surf Clothes
• - #2 Google for Surf boards Australia, and many more…….

Weblife does not limit it's marketing clients to just Australia, but rather we have a world wide client base.  If you a solution to your marketing problem, Weblife is your team.

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