At Weblife, we design all of our own software -we guarantee a tailor-made solution for your individual business needs .

Custom CMS means custom programming.  We tailor a solution to meet your needs, what ever they may be.  Even though our eCommerce suite is jam packed with features,  we understand that businesses are unique in nature and as such, can require a unique solution to meet their needs.

As all of Weblife's applications are designed in-house they can be finely tuned to fit your exact requirements. No off the shelf stuff here.

Weblife provides tailored business applications and solutions built with YOUR business in mind. Our programmers can build unlimited numbers of programs and applications. Those we have built to date include:-

* Real Estate Software
* Art Gallery Management Software
* Newsletter Software
* Web Site Editing Application (update your own site!)
* E-commerce System, with many features. Reward points, auto. freight, too many to list
* Website marketing software and links manager
* Numerous custom applications.

We also specialise in IT consulting for your specific programming requirements.  Consulting is an invaluable tool that enables you to decide how best to proceed with your large project.

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