Whilst we specialise in custom e-commerce solutions for all types of business and industry, our services do not stop there.

CDN hosting.

Our hosting service to premium grade content delivery network solution. Our server is a dedicated box that only services web life clients which means that we can tailor the experience directly to our clients. CDN hosting means that websites load as fast as I possibly can as all assets (JavaScript, images, CSS) are cased for nearly 2 weeks on server nodes all around the world. When a user connects to one of our websites that has CDNenabled, these assets get served from the nearest node – typically resulting in page load speeds around two times faster.

Content writing

We understand that in the current search engine environment, content is as important as the site build itself. We understand that not everyone can write the amount of quality content deemeed neccessary to show the world that you are in authority on your chosen subject matter. for this reason we offer a content writing services. this includes product descriptions, blog articles in general website information and sales pitches. Our content writing rates are competitive and takes the hassle out of populating your site.

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