Any site we build is built using our own CMS, matured over 10 years of development and has a long history of top ranking success stories. Our ecommerce suite is packed full of very useful tools, not the least among which is a detailed stats area so you know whats happening on your site.

Among other things this includes the CMS itself, eCommerce, and Blog suites for you. This system will allow you to add as many products as you wish down the track, and give you unlimited pages.

Just some of the features included in our system:

Please note: this feature set is constantly updating as we add new and exciting components to our system. We're constantly building new modules and can build anything to spec for you if requried.

  • onepage checkout
  • product tags
  • ajax driven flyout shopping cart
  • database driven for ease of control and recovery
  • Inbuilt SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • RSS feeds - for articles, blog and products (subscribers can get automatic updates on new products through their email or RSS feed readers)
  • custom options per product (meaning you only have to have one product listing with options, as opposed to multiple listings of the same product just to show it's colours or sizes)
  • Backordering can be enabled if you wish to run with real product quantities, and there is not enough in stock for a customer to purchase
  • ability to contact customer through admin to amend products, prices and shipping. An email then gets sent which contains a link for the customer to approve the amended order and finalise the transaction. Additional products can also be suggested.
  • ability to set products as "enquire only", and others to "buy now"
  • main product javascript image zoom
  • auto navigation - have your shopping categories automatically add to site navigation
  • Live Chat - chat via web based instant messenger to customers in real time.
  • Admin sales statistics - see at a glance your sales and determine what pages are giving you the best return
  • ability to sort customers by number of sales
  • ability to sort customers by total value of sales
  • ability to sort customers by last order date
  • see easily those customers who have not ordered within the past 12 months
  • Upload new product images in one hit - save hours when compared to loading one by one manually.
  • view links to all orders placed by a customer over time from the customer list view
  • Go anywhere in admin from any other page in admin
  • Page comments / reviews - show a comments form on any page - users can subscribe to their comments and get notified of replies (separate to forum)
  • Full spam filtering on comments module - desired if comments can show by default or after admin approval
  • Emails will be generated to both user and admin upon customer signups and purchases.
  • New gallery format utilizing the best new javascript libraries - pop open images with thumbnails and slideshow mode
  • Should you wish to remove an item temporarily from the shop, you can instead simply set it to show as out of stock - this will help to maintain your Google position for that particular product phrase.
  • Customers will also have the ability to go back through their previous orders and reorder again based on the entire order.
  • The ability to have ?featured? products displayed on pages.
  • Attach specific products to an article page - have it display as it would on a category page.
  • Notify customers of shipments and have it send by email and save to their customer login area
  • Assign products to be featured specifically on the home page
  • add products to an upsell list, to encourage users to buy more just before they checkout
  • sort categories by price or name
  • contact form
  • The ability to mark products as "new" have them display as featured style listings.
  • image gallery for each product if desired
  • ability to have custom header images per category if desired (more relevant if you choose to do an new design)
  • ability to have animated slideshow of product images for the grid view product image if desired
  • relate products to each other for upsell and cross sell purposes
  • create discount codes to give to clients for one time, or multiple use. Set time limits on usage.
  • Create promo codes as fixed price discounts, percentage discount on products or shipping.
  • restrict promo code usage to an individual product(s) or category(ies)
  • customer wishlists
  • customer saved orders
  • ability to change header images on a page by page basis
  • ability to automatically create animated rotating header banners
  • automatic sliding carousel featured products - just select the products from admin and let the system do the rest
  • load more than one main product image to turn it into an animated fade in fade out slideshow
  • load dozens if not hundreds of images in one hit - makes gallery creation a breeze
  • quick newsletter signup - on page newsletter sign up form - negating need for full registration
  • multi currency display if desired
  • comprehensive search facility
  • postage estimator (if using Australia post plugin)
  • VIP customers - set a price at which customers become a VIP customer and receive further discounts. Ability to set individual rates on a per customer basis.
  • Reward points to entice people to shop again with you
  • Super Upsell - select a product to show at the very last stage of the ordering process to entice them to spend a little bit more with you
  • Reviews - a very good way to get increased Google exposure.
  • and much much more

The above features are only a subset of what will be available to you in our ecommerce platform. All of this is done with total SEO in mind giving you great functionality and the ability to achieve great rankings too.

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