Weblife managed hosting solutions include offsite daily backups and super fast Content Delivery Networking.

We only host our own clients.  We do not host on a shared server, but leverage the power of a dedicated box built and tuned specifically for out clients and only our clients.

All clients receive top of the range managed hosting with daily backups, both on disk and off site with a third party.

New clients receive the benefit of of premium CDN hosting.

What is CDN?  CDN is Content Delivery Network.  Basically, we store files on another cloud, and that cloud has what is called "edge servers" located all around the world, which push that content from the closest server to the end user. 
Images and other site assets get pulled from the sever on demand and cached on the CDN nodes for 12 days before needing to be pulled again.  All this is automatically done.
This means quicker initial load times and more Google Lovin' as they include CDN as part of their page speed algorithm.  Typically, we have seen pages and images load twice as fast or more, no matter where you are in the world.  A beautiful thing.  Quicker site  =  happier users.

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