Parenting web portal that comprises 6 different stand alone sites including business directory, forum, and 4 topic centered article sites.

Lots of great technology in this portal including state of the ar business directory, and links management.

Individually themed, these sites are built to rank well for their respective topics. The sites are still rolling out, so watch this space to see their marketing placement success as it unfolds.

The sites in this portal include information on:

Pregnancy and Birth
Parenting Forum
Parenting Business Directory

Total control over the content displayed on the site is given to the site owner through a custom CMS (content management system).



Internet Marketing

Target Keyword: Parenting
Commenced: November 2007
Currently: (Jan 2008)
#5,#28 Parenting (, .com)
#1 Natural Parenting
(, .com)

Development included:

  • Complete rebuild of existing
  • Re-skinning of forum
  • State of the art business directory
  • Multi site portal programming
  • Content Management System
  • Internet Marketing
  • Links management system
  • Lots lots more

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