A stunning new site showcasing the beautful waters of Tonga and whale swim tours.

This is one of the most beautiful site designs we have seen - if this doesn't inspire you to go swimming with the humpback whales in Tonga, then nothing will.

Lightbox style galleries on every page

Site has 2 custom database driven forms, and has a full content management system - our own tweaked version of Joomla.. Site ownher has almost absolute control over the content. Again, a stunning piece of design.


Update: client let the domain renewal slip and domain has now fallen into a third party's hands. Shame, it really was a beautiful site!

Internet Marketing

Target Keyword: Whale Watching
Commenced: May 2009
Currently: n/a. Additonal phrase "swimming with whales"

Development included:

  • Search engine friendly
  • Custom Image Galleries
  • Content Management System
  • Lightbox Integration
    Internet Marketing
    Custom database Driven Forms
  • Links Management System

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