I began work with Weblife in 2005, coming to them with a start-up business plan, and a desire to get into the surf clothing industry.  From the word go, they struck me as knowing what they were talking about, and told me they could help me reach my target market.

Within a few months of launching my new website, I was in the top 10 on Google Australia for surf clothing.  Soon after I got to top 5 in Google.com.  This amazed me as I know the surf industry is a cut throat one, and I was competing against such huge companies as Quicksilver, Ripcurl and Billabong. I am now in the Google top 5 for nearly 20 competitive surf terms.

As a result of my search engine rankings ( #1 for many surf terms) I have secured big deals in Europe and Japan.  My sales are doing well, and I am constantly getting offers from wholesale representatives to sell my surf gear all over the word.  My label that started off in my lounge room at home is now being sold all over the world.  All of this has stemmed directly from the fact that the team at Weblife were able to make my website the most visible surf clothing site in the world. 

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