This was a fun project to work on - lots of little custom features to really set this site apart from the flock.

The intent from the client was to portray a website that looked as though it was floating in the Byron Bay hinterland forest.

Wholesale section called the "Wizard's cave" has a them set around a magical cave.

Flash header and cool scrolling image gallery on product pages make it easy to see the large product range on this site. Birthstone displayer in right navigation was programmed using a customised set of dates and stones, and relates existing product stock to the current birthstone for the month. All fully automated of course.


Internet Marketing

none undertaken.

Development included:

  • Highly customised shopping cart
  • Wholesale shopping via secure login
  • Customised product image carousel
  • Design as per client request: intended to be part of the forest!
  • Cute flash header
  • Discount codes for shopping cart
  • Multi currency
  • Custom birthstone disaply system
  • Reward points
  • Gift certificates
  • Reviews

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