In today's modern age, everything, including acquiring products and services, can now be done through the internet. Taking your business online is not just about setting up a website to feature everything that you are selling. In order to reach out to more clients and potential shoppers, you have to make use of the benefits that the World Wide Web has to offer – and this can be done through integrating social media in your website design.

With the increase in the number of social networking site fanatics, it is not a surprise that it has been invaded by the world of e-commerce. But for you to better understand its concept and the great things that you will get out of this move, here are 5 of the top reason why you should consider using social media to promote your business:

 Increase online presence
Since you need to get your business across, then social media integration on your website is definitely a smart move. Through widgets linking to social networking sites, your business will reach more potential clients.

You can share your website
Online businesses need to make people aware about the contents of their websites. Through social media integration on their web designs, more people would get to know what each business has to offer and if the products are worth their time and money. Your web designers would be able to do this by placing social sharing icons which your customers can click to share the contents of your site. Customers can share specific informative pages or products from your website.

Market your business through comments
When working with your chosen web designers, ask them to include a comments tab or box on specific articles, products or pages. Through comments linked to social networking sites, customers can post comments about your products and services and automatically share them on your actual social media account. They can even share the comments on their personal accounts or pages as well.

Increase the chances of communicating with other consumers and businesses
If you feel that your company needs a promotional boost, feel free to consider integrating social media in your website's design. Through the links and widgets, you can affiliate your online shopping cart with social networking websites. You can update your ads using new promo campaigns, discounts and sales.

And since you are communicating with the rest of the internet community, you can strengthen relationships with your loyal clients and of course build new bonds with prospective shoppers. Through social media integration, you can send out flyers, virtual and printable coupons and even hold contests to those who will be visiting your site and your social networking accounts.

Now that you know the "why", it's definitely time for you to know the "how". Using social media, you can properly market your business without spending too much or taking too much time. But of course there are a few things that you should remember when asking your web designers to integrate several social media sites on your very own website.

Everything has to make sense
You have to integrate or connect with websites that are not only similar to your line of business but also, with media that are constantly being updated and visited by your target clientele. Your business would definitely suffer if you will be connecting with inactive and unpopular social networking sites.

Up-to-date Icons can help a lot
Consumers are looking for real time updates especially when they are hunting for bargains, sales and other affordable services. Use widgets that even a first time online shopper would understand and appreciate.

Every social media icon should be noticeable
These buttons would not do you any good if they are hidden or located at the farthest corner of your website. Remember, you have to make it easier for your customers to "Like" and "Share" your page, products and rates. Place them right below your articles and product pages.

Link the sites that you constantly visit and update
There is no sense in linking your business website to social networking sites that you do not actually use. You are also not obligated to hook up with every social media or sites that you see online.

Take note that if you think that your business is worth your customers' salt, then you have to think ahead and be innovative. Reach out to your clients and watch your business grow!

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