Many money making schemes abound the internet nowadays. This is basically brought about by the ease (accordingly) with which one can create an online business and start earning astoundingly high amounts of money in days.

Sadly, not all people who dive into this source of income resurface alive. That is, not everyone earns the amount they dreamed of or were promised. Thus, bringing us to the question, why didn't they?

There are of course many factors to consider, and here are five of them.

No Worth
First, you need to make sure that your site has worth – that is, it should contain something that is worth your visitors' time and effort. It should contain the right kind of information that visitors are looking for, the kind of information that is reflected in your web address or title.  If you are creating an interest website, then you have to make sure that there is great content as well as some things to spark interest in your readers.
If you are in trouble about what to put in your ecommerce website, you would do well by asking the help of a web developer. Given the amount of experience they have in creating ecommerce websites, they would have a fair idea of what and what not to include.

No Traffic
Traffic is one of the most important factors that contribute greatly to how much your website will make. This is basically because these people, the traffic, are the primary source of income for your site. They are the ones who will buy a product or avail of a service and pay for it. Without traffic, you can consider your website extinct.

Getting traffic should be one of your foremost concerns, but doing so requires certain skills and knowledge that only web developers have, like white hat SEO practices, backlinks and tracking and so on.

No Structure
For a website to make any money, it should not only have great content, but must also be able to convey to the visitors the information in an effective way. That is where web design comes in.

Web developers can help to organize the numerous amounts of information in your site in order to make it easier for your readers to navigate through. They can put links and side tabs and other functional buttons and solutions to give you and your readers a pleasant browsing experience.

No Market
Wondering why your account still totals to zero dollars? Might it be that you don't have any market for your site?
When you are creating an ecommerce site, be sure that there is an existing market for such products or services. How do you know if there is one? You will need to ask the help of web developers and their staff to conduct a market research for you. There are different ways to do this like keyword analysis and other tools and procedures.

No Consistency
One thing that disappoints visitors to your site is by having to many unnecessary things pasted and floating around each page they are trying to read. Some of these annoying things include banners and advertisements. What's more annoying is if these advertisements are in no way related to your content.

Imagine reading a blog about depression self-help, and then suddenly there is a blinking advertisement about a low priced DLSR camera on Amazon or eBay. Wouldn't you feel annoyed by that?

It is a common practice for many retailers to put advertisement on their sites, since this is also a source of income for them. However, there must be considerations to be taken, like the relevance of the ad to the content and reputation of the site.

If you are having trouble looking for the right advertisement material for your site, ask web developers for help. They are usually connected or are familiar with the many companies that are looking for affiliates to promote their products.

These are just some of the many reasons why many websites don't make any money. Thus, if you are looking to monetize your site, be sure to ask help from a reputable web developer who can make sure that the mistakes mentioned above do not happen to your budding online business.

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