A well designed website is one that captures visitors and makes them stay there in their own volition. This is one thing that many website owners forget. They are lead to think that as long as the content of the site is okay, the design doesn't matter all that much. However, the way that a website is designed actually has some bearing as to whether a visitor will leave or stay, or even make a purchase.


See, a good website design can actually influence your visitors psyche. Black magic? No.


Psychologists have found that there are certain visual stimulants that can greatly affect how a person acts and behaves. The most common of these stimulants are colors, although the lay-out and image manipulation of sites can also have certain effects on the visitors. So what and how can a well-designed website influence guests and visitors to stay and answer your call to action?


Influence Them to Stay


This is the first and foremost concern, since a website with no traffic is basically dead. Sure getting them to come in might be easy with all those trafficking techniques and strategies, but keeping them inside your site is an all together different matter. A good website design can actually make those visitors stay in your website.


See, when you have a good website design, one that is pleasing to the eye, visitors are very much likely to hang around and read through your content even though your content is not what they are "specifically" looking for. This is true even though your content simply touches on what they are looking for.


Just think about it, when your text lay-out is perfect, that is not having too many ads in between paragraphs, partnered with relevant and eye-catching pictures, you can be sure that a high percentage of visitors to your site will actually linger around, increasing your chances of making a sale.


Influence Them to Buy


Another thing that a well-designed website can do is to turn your visitors into paying customers. Accordingly, men and women can be attracted to make a purchase by the colors that they see. This is basically based on the fact that men and women tend to react to colors in differing ways.

An example would be that women are attracted to and are more likely to react to red "buy now" buttons, while men tend to react to such buttons of blue or green colors. This is quite important to remember since this can be used to increase the chances of making a sale. For example, if your website caters mainly to male visitors, you can modify your shopping cart color to blue or green. If they're women, you can modify it to red.


Influence Them to Make Recommendations


This is one normal effect of having a great looking website. When you have a website that is pleasing to the eyes, then you can expect it to leave a mark on each and every visitor that finds himself or herself in your site. In due time, they will tell their friends and family about your site when topics that concerns your products or services come up in the dinner table.


These recommendations are very important since these can greatly increase the amount of traffic that your site gets. Sure, you can get traffic for free from search engines, or by sending hundreds of mail and newsletters through an email list. However, recommendations also form an integral source of traffic, mainly because people tend to visit websites that are recommended by somebody they know and trust.


... and all these are the effects of your well-designed website on your guests and visitors without them knowing it.


That is why a great web design is very important, especially when the concern is getting traffic and turning this traffic into profits.


In order to maximize the profits that can be gained from this, it is imperative that the services of a professional web developer be sought. This is because these people are trained individuals with the necessary skill set and knowledge needed to create a winning website that is both aesthetically great and profitable - something that you rarely and (most of the time) cannot get from a generic or off the shelf web design program or system. 


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