A custom web design is usually far from basic. What it is most of the time is responsive. Since the website is custom-designed to meet your customers' needs then you can expect more money to come pouring in. Conversely, you will have fewer customers leaving your site unhappy. A custom web design costs money but it is money well spent as long as you choose the right web designer to handle your site.

Here are just a few of the advantages you can be sure to enjoy when you finally have your website upgraded with a customized layout.


A professional image is always good for a business because it symbolizes your commitment to consistently improving the quality of your work and how you consider it an absolute honour to serve your market. Certainly, a professional image also means that you are a cut above the rest, too, and you will be better able to prove these things with a customized layout.

Take a look at your competition for instance. Smaller-sized businesses are unlikely to have professional-looking and custom-designed websites. It may mean less cost for them, but it also translates to fewer customers.

Increased Sales

It's fairly safe to assume that a customized layout will have a domino effect on your website – in a good way of course. As mentioned earlier on, you tend to have more customers when you have a professional layout for your website. As far as most people are concerned, a professional and customized layout is a sign that you care about what they think – enough to spend good money so that you could improve their opinion of you.

Customized layouts basically make people feel more flattered and safer in entrusting their needs to your business.


Another way of defining customized layouts is how comprehensive they are in answering the customer's needs. Customized layouts can include any or all of the factors listed below. It all depends on which ones your website may need.

  • RSS and podcast feeds
  • Tools or widgets that let your website visitors see your latest tweets, too.
  • Social media integration, e.g. buttons that let you share your content in an instant
  • Shopping cart software integration to ensure that people are able to buy quickly and easily from your site
  • Blog integration so that you can keep in touch with your customers more frequently and, yes, easily, too


Since you know who your target market is and what they need, you won't have a hard time explaining to your professional web designer of choice what exactly you want your website to do for your customers. One of your first priorities when choosing an appropriate design for your website should be making it as hassle-free as possible.

  • Are there options available all the time for you to share the information you found on the website?
  • Are there shortcuts offered for potentially lengthy processes, e.g. skip introductions


At present, you may be unable to afford having your website professionally maintained as well. If so, you can make sure from the very start that your website is custom-designed for easy owner management. You should be able to quickly learn how to edit, add, or delete content from your site. You should also find out how to measure site analytics and what to do about it.


A custom-designed layout should always be flexible. Since market demands tend to vary, you need to make sure that your cover is just as variable. This way, you won't have such a hard time adjusting your website to meet new trends. Your website should be designed in such a way that it will be easy to switch themes and backgrounds whenever you need to.


Lastly, a customized layout will help make your website distinguishable from the rest. No two businesses are truly the same, and web layouts are one way of making their unique and positive characteristics stand out. For instance, you may be one of the thousands operating a flower shop in your city, but your website is the only one that offers floral deliveries together with a professional singing group that can serenade your recipient. As for your website, it's made unique by the fact that its order or request system also includes options for scanning and selecting songs.

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