The concept of branding is an important one for online stores or just about any other ecommerce site that you can think of. It is through branding that you are able to establish your website's identity, and it is your brand that becomes the face of the product or services that you offer.

Sadly though, not many online businesspeople are keen to spending a lot of time and money on this concept. The reasons why may vary, but in general it's all about the money. They think that the money to be spent on branding and brand marketing would be better off spent in other endeavours like market research, restocking supplies and so on.

Well, here's the thing. Your brand speaks of your product to the world. Sure, you may have great product or service, but what will become of it if people are not even aware that you exist?

Going back, you need to remember that corns don't just grow out of nowhere. You need to plant them, nurture them, and only then will they grow. The same principle applies to ecommerce marketing. If you don't sow, you don't reap – and that is basically why you may want to ditch your cheapness and start looking for a web developer who can give you your money's worth.

Why do you have to pay for it anyway? You just think of a name and a sign and that's it, right?

Wrong. Branding may sound so easy, but is actually quite complex and complicated – but it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Paradox, eh?

So instead of spending sleepless nights thinking about a name and a logo for your site, product, or service, get in touch with a professional web developer who is more than willing to walk you through the process of creating a winning brand and branding strategy.

Of course, you cannot expect the web developer to know everything about your site after you talk to him or her on the phone. You also need to have a longer conversation. In that conversation, here are some things that should be discussed. Some of them may sound common and shallow, but hey, we are humans, and humans have a knack for being forgetful – and besides, a little reminder wouldn't hurt.

What's in a name?

When talking to your web developer, be sure to have a name for your site ready. You can make a list of at least five names, because a decent web developer worth his salt will not automatically agree to the first name you suggest if he doesn't think it fits. Remember that you are brainstorming for a great product brand, something that your site visitors will always remember.

One thing to consider is the name's length. Have you ever heard of Cannon? What about IBM? What about Apple? What about CNN or BBC?

Of course, everybody knows these things! See here, the most popular and successful brands are usually short words of two syllables or even acronyms of three letters. You can ask your web developer to help you come up with one since they basically use acronyms like SEO, WWW, HTTP and so on every day.

It's a sign!

Another important aspect of branding is the logo or the symbol that will represent your business. Aside from that, logos will also make it easier for people to remember you and your site – so make sure that it is easy to remember. Tell your developer to do away with those intricate flowing lines, and instead build an image upon your name (look at CNN and BBC and Apple). A good thing to do here is to get a paper and pencil and draw your intended logo. Then show it your friends for ten seconds, after which you hide the paper and ask them to draw it from memory. If they can't, then start thinking of a new logo. Take note of the colors too, lest you forget.

It is true that in the world of business today, ecommerce included, making a name in a certain niche or industry can be quite a challenge. However, with great branding, you can be sure that you are well on your way to leaving behind other competitors who have neglected the importance of this concept.

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