Building an eCommerce website has turned out to be one attractive and great source of earning an income for many people out there, especially those who want to ride with the booming numbers of people who are into the craze of buying online.


However, such an endeavour is easier said than done. Many eCommerce websites have suffered a painful defeat over the years due to a variety of reasons. Mainly though, the reason can be attributed to the lack of customers who are willing to pay for products or services online.


It may be easy to get potential customers to click on your website and view your products, but getting them to part with their hard-earned money is an all together different thing. As such, your first priority, if you are to be a successful emerchant, is to get customers to visit your site and make them stay long enough to make a purchase, and this is possible only if you avoid these 5 negative elements that drive away traffic and customers from your site.


Terrible Content


Customers go to eCommerce websites to check out the different products or services available there. As such, they expect a website that is filled with great content about the said product or service. However, many of these potential customers have expectations that are not totally met. They usually find themselves viewing a product with very little or no content at all. Most of the time, they come to a website with just the picture and the price, without any readable comments or descriptions.


As a consequence, they end up clicking the "close" button on top of the screen and run a new search, hopefully landing on another and better site.


In order not to drive away sales it is imperative that an eCommerce site have rich content that includes both pictures and product details and comments.


Poor Navigation System


Another thing that makes customers go away is a terrible navigation system. It must be ensured that customers can easily navigate through all the products and other contents in order to motivate them to stay and prod further. This alone increases the chance of making a sale and making profit.


Unreadable Content


Content must also be readable in order not to drive away customers. Many websites are either written with flashy fonts that make them difficult to read. Aside from this, the fonts are also written in colors that do not match the websites color scheme, neglecting the importance of proper contrasts and hues.


Registration Requirements at the Beginning


Another reason why people leave a site is because they need to fill up lengthy procedures that are required before they can view the whole product. Some websites offers a peek at the first few words of the product description, and in order to view the whole thing, one must give away his or her email and name. This turns off potential customers. Forced registration such as this can make visitors leave the site and search for another which allows them to browse over a product without giving away important details.


Poor Website Structure and Appeal


Lastly, one thing that turns away customers is an ugly website, this covers everything from poor product pictures and terrible text and image layout. Many websites all too often settle for mediocre web designs that are not in any way pleasing to the eyes. Sure, it may have great content, but what is the use of that if visitors do not want to read them anyway.


In addition, a website that is poorly structured, that is with poor product groupings and labelling also makes it difficult to want to stay. As such, proper arrangement and structure must be taken into consideration.


All these things are pretty difficult to manage, especially if you have a website built upon generic and cheap web design programs. As such, it is recommended that you strongly consider having to hire the services of a professional web developer. They can handle everything from the design to the content layout and even the management of your website. With their services, you have a higher chance of driving traffic and customers to your website instead of driving them away. 


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