The old adage says you should not fix things that do not seem broken and for many an ecommerce entrepreneur, this seems like a sensible piece of advice.






In many instances your website is probably in desperate need of a makeover, and you simply do not know it. Do not let your competition outdistance you. While your customers may still be steadily trickling in, chances are they are moving on to better websites. This is bad news for any ecommerce entrepreneur. After all, you never want to lose your customers.


Ancient Programming


Right click on your website and select the View Source command. Does your website still use simplistic coding like tables and HTML? Does your website look like it was designed in the 1990s? Or was it really designed in the 1990s and you have pretty much left it alone all these years?


Although HTML is still the basic language for all coding, there are strict style and code limitations that HTML simply cannot do. It is beyond the programming limitations of the language. Newer programming languages allow for more versatile websites, better site architecture and navigation and as a by-product, a more attractive interface.


This is, by nature, one of the best and worst aspects of the Internet. On one hand, rapid evolution means that you get the best of new technology at your fingertips at all times. On the other hand, it means that you have to be truly aware of new updates to tech all the time and take advantage of it when you can.


If your website still runs on frames, tables and HTML, you definitely need a makeover. If you have given up the plaid shirts and ratty jeans for well-designed suits, your website needs a cosmetic overhaul too.


It's Been 10 Years Since You Fixed Your Site


If you were an actual store, you probably would take a few days off each year to repaint, fix up parts of your store where the wallpaper is starting to peel and dust off the top shelves. Your website also needs these type of tweaks and general upkeep to make sure that your customer's user experiences remain consistently good.


Makeovers do not mean just cosmetic upgrades -- if it has been years since you have taken a good look at your business, chances are you might be missing a few things. Like new products you can add. New ways of doing business, or a refreshing new change that can not only open your eyes, but make your customers excited about the product or products you sell.


Traffic is Declining


You are losing customers, and you do not know why. Your analytics reports are indicating that customer drop-off has spiked and sales are going down. This, more than anything, means you need to pinpoint the problem and makeover the site stat.


A professional web design team can not only revamp the look of your site to give your customers a fresh experience but also help you pinpoint the drop-off points. It could be dead-ends, an orphaned page, dead links or simply a site design that no longer attracts customers.

Your web development team can also help you modernize an older website or upgrade a classy website into something truly spectacular.


Your Competition's Website Looks Better Than Yours


In many cases, the competition can determine when your website needs a makeover, simply because they have a better looking website than you do, or new features that customers love to love.


Your competition is always a good indication of how well your business is doing, and a great measuring stick for you to pit yourself again. It does not necessarily mean meeting them sale-for-sale, but they do give you a concrete look at how the market is doing. It is difficult to delude yourself that you are simply losing traffic because "It's not my time of the year," or "The economy is bad," when your competition is making record sales. So if your website looks a little sad and rundown next to your competition, it is time for that much-needed makeover.


inally, your website needs a makeover when your intuition tells you it does. You do not need to crunch numbers and conversions to know when your website's usefulness as a marketing tool is starting to flag. Sometimes all you need to do is type your ecommerce website's URL into the browser and you will know you are in desperate need of a touch-up. 



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