5 Factors That Makes eCommerce Websites User Friendly

Everyone keeps talking about a "user-friendly" experience, but do they really know what being user friendly means? For many business owners and ecommerce entrepreneurs, this usually means that your we... Read more..

5 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Ecommerce Profit Right Now

"What is eating up my profit?" You ask, as you crunch the numbers late into the night. Your sales are high, or low, and you are in the red/black -- there is no name for the color your ecommerce busine... Read more..

5 Ways to Cut Your eCommerce Site Costs Without Compromising Quality

Your ecommerce site can be a lucrative venture than can net you and your brand a lot of revenue, but only if you know where to cut costs. With the help of a professional web design team, you can choos... Read more..

5 Add-Ons to Your eCommerce Website That Will Make Your Customers Stay for No Less Than 1 Minute And Buy From You

Creating a sticky website is the overall goal of every web development company -- and there are various ways to do this. A professional web design team can help you decide which add-ons you can build ... Read more..

Why Your Company Logo is Important For Web Design

The company logo is often the result of hours of planning and intense graphic design. This tiny piece of art represents your company and is one of the most recognizable features of any webpage. This m... Read more..

Return Guarantees: What They Are and Why They Matter

Return guarantees sound like something you would not want to have in your ecommerce business. After all, you do not want customers to return something they have bought. It sounds counterproductive. Bu... Read more..

How Do You Make Your Website Header Look More Professional?

Website headers are so important that many free website platforms actually create one for you to make the job simple and easy. As your site's masthead, your header should not only embody the site's ov... Read more..

Web Design Color Schemes That are Easy on the Eyes

Humans love color. They assign favorites, wear only certain colors and agonize over what to paint their living room walls. This is because color is an essential part of vision and an essential aspect ... Read more..

You Have 10 Seconds To Impress Your Customers: Will Your Website Design Keep Them or Lose Them?

The headline above is a lie. Recent studies have shown that given the increasing speed of the Internet, websites now have less than 0.03 seconds to impress a visitor. Less than a split second to invit... Read more..

The 5 Core Elements of Effective Web Design

The fantastic thing about web design is that there are so many ways to approach the same problem. You are only limited by your imagination -- and what is possible to do with the code, with visual appe... Read more..

Tips to Help Communicate Your Ideas to Your Web Design Company

As an online entrepreneur, you know that your website's look, feel and usability are keys to success. You know you have a great product and a wonderful service to give the world. You have fought hard ... Read more..

How a Web Design Company Helps You Reach Your Target Audience

Advertising 101 spends a lot of time on demographics and targeting the correct kind of audience for your products or services. The same thing can be said of your website. Is it hitting the right kind ... Read more..

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